3D characters

25 Jul

Low polygon characters. Available in Turbosquid


A few jewelry 3D models

25 Jul

Some models I have done during 2011-2012. Using rhino3d , 3dsmax and mudbox.

Some images are from final products done in  gold or silver


A few 3D low polygon props used in Unity 3D project

17 Jul

3D model of an Australian taxi

17 Jul

Low polygon model used in Unity 3D project


Truck 3D low polygon model

17 Jul


Livesaving Suit 3d model

17 Jul

3D model of a Livesaving suit. Available for purchase.



Turtle pendant (2011)

10 Nov

This sea turtle pendant was created for a client using 3dsmax + mudbox.

The model was later prototyped in wax and finally casted  in silver.

You can buy one of them in silver or other materials  through Shapeways Rapid Prototyping Shop


3D model of a NBC (Nuclear Biological Chemical) Suit (2010)

03 May

This is a low polygon model created for my personal collection available in my Store or Turbosquid

NBC SUIT 01: 4108 triangles, 2112 Vertex
Head 01: 2034triangles, 1046 Vertex
Mask 01: 2674 triangles, 1475 Vertex

NBC SUIT 01: 4096×4096 PNG
Head 01: 2048×2048 PNG
Mask 01: 1024×1204 PNG


A few 3D low poly props (2010)

15 Mar

Some small props done in low poly for different projects.

Textures used of 2048 x 2048 or 1024 x 1024. Some of the models has Specular and Normal Mapping.


Low poly model of a worker character (2010)

05 Jan

This is a low polygon model created for my personal collection, available in Turbosquid

Worker 03 Body: 2912 triangles, 1463 Vertex
Worker 03 Head: 2040 triangles, 1052 Vertex
Harness 01: 2941 triangles, 1506 Vertex
HardHat 01: 736 triangles, 370 Vertex
HollowBrick 01: 132 triangles, 272 Vertex

Worker Body: 2048×2048 .PSD . Multiple layers, AO, Jumpsuit, Vest, Shoes,
Head: 2048×204 PNG
Tooth 01: 512×512 TGA
HardHat: 1024×1024 PSD.
HollowBrick: 256×256 PNG
Harness 01: 4x 128×128 PNG, 1x 128×1024, 1x 256×256


3D model of an old man in wheelchair (2009)

16 Feb

Low poly model available in my store and Turbosquid

Character: 3552 triangles, 1801 Vertex
WheelChair: 7280 Triangles, 4046 Vertex

Head 1024 x 1024
Shoes 256 x 256
Trouser 1024 x 1024
Jacket 1024 x 1024
Wheelchair: 2048 x 2048

Rigged: Biped + Skin


3D model of a Carrier Deck Crew (2008)

16 Apr

Model available in  Turbosquid

Polygons: 7.128 Triangles
Texture: Diffuse 2048 x 2048 PSD (Multiple layers)
Rigged: biped + skin


Plaza of Lerma. Virtual Walkthrough (2007)

24 Aug

This is a virtual walkthrough  created in  Quest3d 3.6 for one of my clients.

You can download it (18MB) to execute in you own computer.

It was fully developed by me:  photo references, modeling , texturing and Quest3d Programming.


3D model of a cow (2006)

05 Jun

This is a low polygon model created for videogames, available in my store or Turbosquid

Polygons: 2604 Triangles
Texture: Diffuse  2048 x 2048



3D model of a NFL Character (2006)

18 May

Low polygon model of a NFL player. Ready to be animated.

Polygons: 6412 triangles,
Body: 1024×1024
Head: 1024×1024
Helmet: 512×512
Ball: 512×512
Rigged: Biped + Skin


Low polygon character collection (2006)

17 May

A lot of  low poly characters created by me. Available in Turbosquid